7 Simple Ways To Slim Your Look

  1. Choose your stripes wisely.

If you’re wearing stripes, they must always run vertically, not horizontally.


  1. Lengthen your necklaces.

Wearing a long necklace to make you look more elongated.


  1. Bigger clothes are not the answer.

Don’t wear clothes that are too big for you! When you’re curvy, one tries to hide behind your clothes. This just makes you look bigger than you actually are. Buy clothes that are the right size, a good design and that fit you properly.


  1. Dont’ forget your under garments.
  • Bad fitting underwear can also make a huge difference to your appearance. Get measured for the right size bra, so that your “back fat” doesn’t spill out. Panties should also fit properly, no loose elastic, please?


  1. Dark colours with a pop of colour.
  • Of course, black, navy, charcoal and chocolate are the go-to favourites as dark colours to make you look smaller, but not too much dark! Wear some colourful accessories to brighten your look.


  1. Wear a Heel.

High heels are not for everyone but even shoes with a slight heel will make you look taller. Pants must be the right length for the boots.

  1. Posture is important.

Last but not least, walk up-right with your shoulders back and your head held high, you gorgeous woman you!

Have you got any tips to share on how you dress to look slimmer?  Would love to hear, so drop a comment below.