A Summer Capsule Wardrobe For Women And Moms

I’ve always battled to find clothing that fits me really well! AND to find something that vaguely suits me is… Of course…  A whole different matter! I used to spend so much time and money tailoring clothing I had bought, it was a joke! I have therefore created a capsule wardrobe for the mommy out there,  that wants to feel great in comfortable clothing and without costing a fortune!

I have designed and manufactured each mix and match item to enhance different parts of your body – shapely legs, toned arms or great neckline. Or maybe you are lucky enough to have all of the above.

The items I have included into the range are items that can be worn every day. When carting kids around, having coffee with friends, on weekends away and of course work functions.

You can dress them up or down by adding some accessories, a good leather bag, scarf and pumps and off you go! As far as colour is concerned, don’t be so scared to wear colour! A lot of the curvier  (actually South African ‘normal’ size!) ladies tend to only wear black and navy, with no colour in their wardrobe. There are such pretty summer colours this season, which you can still wear with your black and navy, making you look and feel summery.

Of course, there are a lot of items I have made in the neutral tones of black and navy, being a basic staple in your closet, but there should always be a mix with a pop of colour.

With all the items being modelled in this website, each piece has been photographed by itself, and then also with some accessories,  to give you a better idea of how things can look.  Look what you already have in your closet, which you may be able to incorporate in some way around an outfit. You will be surprised that with some careful planning you may have quite a lot you can use and not waste any more money!

With that in mind, a lot of my items can be worn in more than 1 way. The Marilyn top and the ponchos are an absolute win as you can wear these multiple ways to suit the occasion. Clothes are expensive nowadays, so one must be able to wear clothes with some variety. I will talk more about these items later, and demonstrate how easy they can be worn in different ways!

The Real Bling is all about good design!

You need to be dressing for your body shape. Accentuate your good bits, and nonchalantly cover up your unwanted bits. We all have things we wish we didn’t have on our bodies, but celebrate the healthy gorgeous woman you are, and flaunt what you have got!!!

A little more about the new Range:

Classic Signature Pants.

Our loose flowy pants are a must-have for any wardrobe. They are comfy, non-crease, fold up really small so ideal for holidays, and last but not least, a great design for balancing out the hips. You will instantly look a few kg’s lighters!  The slight flare at the bottom creates flow and therefore tricks the eye. Nothing like a bit of magic! We could all use some don’t you think?

Next, we have our Marilyn Top.

These can be worn 5 different ways, actually 6 if you count it as a dress. (which would fall just above the knee) It can also be worn as a Halterneck top and off the shoulder to name but a few. These look great with plain or patterned pants, and great for holidays too. Every time you wear it a different way, it looks like a new outfit! My one friend starts off in the morning wearing it as a normal t-shirt, and as the day continues and she gets hotter, she ends up tying it as a halter! Great idea don’t you think?

The Curved Hem Top.

Also, a great design, as the batwing sleeve covers any “chicken wings” (for those that are self-conscious of their upper arms).  The sleeve length finishes below the elbow which a lot of ladies like. The curve at the bottom gives the top some shape, creating no illusion of “boxiness” and is long enough to cover “your bits” in the front and back that you don’t want to be exposed.

Last but not least our Famous Poncho.

What a clever little invention this has turned out to be! Can be worn 10 different ways, and actually, you can wear it more ways with a little more creative thinking. You can wear it as a poncho to cover up your tum and bum, off the shoulder, a beach cover-up, a skirt, and even a hoody if you need to cover your head for religious reasons! I make these in the Summer months out of thin breathable fabric, so that they are loose and comfortable. In the winter I make them out of thicker fabric for warmth and just because they look great for a pop of colour!

Trying on clothes in a mall can be a daunting task. The mirrors are unfriendly, the lights are too bright and there is never anyone that can offer some friendly constructive criticism. Most people then shy away from clothes shopping, and eventually just buy the quickest easiest thing you can get on your body. These clothes then land up in your cupboard and are probably not worn very often.

I know, I’ve done the same thing countless times, and then have a mountain of clothes, but nothing actually to wear! One should get excited about what to put on every day. You should feel happy every time you open your closet, not stressed that nothing looks right and have a constant reminder every day of what you shouldn’t wear!

A few key pieces are what is needed, and you can “build a story” around your look – the colours you like and a few go-to items that fit you really well!

I’m toying with the idea of doing ‘closet coaching’? I will come to your home with a few key pieces, go through your closet with you and sort through everything. That way you can really sift through what suits your body shape and your lifestyle.  I promise to be kind!

Would you be interested? I would love to hear your views. If you would be interested, comment below and let me know.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy shopping on my website. You can see all that you can do with a capsule wardrobe and mix and match to your heart’s content with a few key elements!

Much love, Mandy  xx

The Real Bling